The Logic of English Words


Tย  he Logic of English Words (LoW) is Logophilia’sย most condensed Vocabulary programme. This workshop is an evolved descendant of the former Logophilia Uni Workshop. In twoย days (five hours), we will transform the way you look at English, so that you have a fresh start on words: only this time, you will do it the right way. LoWย is an Etymology-based English Vocabulary Programme which gives you a powerful introduction to how English words derive from Greek & Latin roots.

LoWย can be seen as a Vocabulary Programme that:

  • shows you connections across three languages- English, Greek, & Latin
  • makes you rich in three aspects of English – Spelling, Vocabulary, & Pronunciation
  • transforms your English ability inย 5 hours
  • gives you a powerful introduction to how to study words through Etymology Education


Sapna Mathur
IIIrd year, BA (Hons.)
LSR for Women, India

.. it was extremely fascinating. Plus, it makes tough words seem not so tough any more. It helps in breaking down words.

(Now) I will definitely focus more on the possible origins of words that I read. I will be able to recall complex words, and understand language further.

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