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1 Is it [] or []; [sked.yool] or [shed.yool]; [] or []? Doubt and studying don’t go together.

2 If English is your language, everything you study shall be written in English words. These need to be mastered in terms of vocabulary, pronunciation, & spelling.

3 If you consider English Pronunciation to be wild and erratic you will study with doubt, thinking that anything can happen in this “crazy, unreasonable language”.

4 To gain doubtlessness about English you need to see it as, not one, but a mixture of languages.

5 The Logophilia Pronunciation Programme teaches English Pronunciation as it derives through Latin, Greek, Old English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Hebrew, & Modern English! This helps you to, not just, see English as governed by a mixture of languages, but to understand the “Why” of English Pronunciation, in a manner that Phonetics just cannot explain.


Come Study with Logophilia

L ogophilia is the world’s only Etymology Education organisation. What does this mean? It means we can teach you English, as governed by a mixture of languages, without making you memorise it. After studying through Etymology, studies will come alive for you; you shall start seeing the logic of words everywhere! You will truly be able to figure out what subjects you really like. You will never have doubts about spelling, meaning, & pronunciation again. For once, you will understand EVERYTHING that you read.

Logophilia Pronunciation ProgrammeRs. 1000 (Including GST)

Pronunciation Products

Your experience of the Logophilia Pronunciation Programme can be made significantly more valuable by adding this beautiful set of pronunciation flashcards.

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Logophilia Pronunciation Programme  (Admissions Closed)

Feb 6th to 10th

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6.00 PM

Logophilia Pronunciation Programme  (Admissions Closed)

April 10th to 15th

4.00 to
6.00 PM

Logophilia Pronunciation Programme  (Admissions Closed)

August 7th to 11th

4.00 to
6.00 PM


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What is Etymology? Why Logophilia?

E tymology Education is a system of education in which students learn the concepts of various academic disciplines from their word origins or roots. Given that words are the most fundamental units of knowledge, a rich understanding of words directly correlates to a refined knowledge acquisition ability.

We believe that:

(a)   words are fundamental to knowledge
(b)   a student with a weak vocabulary = a weak student
(c)   a really large number of words can be deciphered using  a functional understanding of Etymology
(d)   it is entirely ridiculous that students should have to waste time memorising words or concepts.

How should words be learned?

In an engaging TEDx talk, Dhruv Raj Sharma (Founder & CEO, Logophilia Education) answers the question as to why English Vocabulary needs to be the most important subject in school curricula, and how inept our schools have become at teaching it.

Why is Public Speaking Important?

For most people, public speaking is something that’s done from stage.  Come to Logophilia find out how it is so much more! The Logophilia Public Speaking Programme is a multi-level public speaking programme structured through powerful introspection activities, which purports to empower students in the art of self-expression, and persuasion. Persuasion is something that we do everyday, multiple times-a-day, when we interact with others.

The Logophilia Public Speaking Programme raises the essential question of what is the point in studying so hard if one does not know how to express it. Human individuals, for a variety of reasons, find themselves at a loss for words, confidence, and ability when it comes to expressing themselves in front of others. These deficiencies tend to often be rooted in authoritarian enculturation practices (overstrict parenting, or schooling), which renders children to grow up feeling like intruding aliens in an adult world. Consequently, these individuals tend to develop a strong diffidence, which lingers on to corrode their abilities even much later into their adulthood. At the Logophilia Public Speaking Programme we get these students to practice removing these hesitations and to express themselves without the doubt of impending criticism.

In our second TEDx talk, Dhruv Raj Sharma (Founder & CEO, Logophilia Education) talks passionately about the need for self-expression, sharing, and why no disappointment is too small to be ignored.