Logophilia Language Talk

The Logophilia Language Talk is organised by Logophilia to expose the audience to the methodology of Etymology Education. During this short discussion, Logophilia delivers a
powerful introduction about the how and what of English Vocabulary through the methodology
Etymology Education. The Talk serves as a sensitiser, making the audience aware of the need for
studying Etymology; and attempts to enlighten them on the logicality of English Vocabulary.

The Logophilia Language Talk is in essence a very short Vocabulary Programme that:

  • reveals why it is important to know how to break and make words
  • demonstrates how Etymology Education can significantly enhance English awareness in Spelling, Vocabulary & Pronunciation
  • clarifies that English Vocabulary is not just required for reading English Literature, but is essential for understanding all subjects (the Natural Sciences, the Social Sciences, et cetera)
  • powerfully explains howΒ memorising is a very primitive practice, and isΒ contradictory to the process of understanding
  • reveals how small the average student vocabulary size is, and how VocabularyΒ acquisitionΒ can be sophisticated.


Sapna Mathur
IIIrd year, BA (Hons.)
LSR for Women, India

.. it was extremely fascinating. Plus, it makes tough words seem not so tough any more. It helps in breaking down words.

(Now) I will definitely focus more on the possible origins of words that I read. I will be able to recall complex words, and understand language further.

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