Logophilia Latin Lessons

Latin has contributed nearly 58% of all words in English!

D Β id you know that while Greek is the language of Science, Latin is the language of everything! If English is the world’s largest language, sitting bossily at 1 million words, Latin accounts for 58% of these words (29% directly, and 29% through its daughter β†’ French).

Does this mean you need to learn Latin as a language? No. Just Latin roots that have crept into the English language.

Logophilia Latin Lessons (LLL) is the second oldest Logophilia workshop. Launched in January, 2011, LLL brings together upwards of 300 Latin roots in English, arranged into subject categories.

Students who study Latin roots would find it significantly easy to read the following subjects ↓

β—ΌοΈŽThe Natural Sciences;

β—ΌοΈŽThe Social Sciences;

β—ΌοΈŽLanguage & Literature.

It seeks to help students understand how greatly Latin influences English Vocabulary.


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