Understand “November” through Etymology 

The Etymology of “November” 

The present day calendar we follow is known as the Gregorian Calendar . This has twelve months, and begins with January. 

An ancestor to the Gregorian Calendar was the Roman Calendar, credited to Romulus – the founder of Rome. This calendar was based on the lunar system, and had not twelve, but ten months. Most importantly, the Roman Calendar did not have the months of January and February, and started with March

A consequence of this different starting point can be observed in the names of certain months, including November. November comes from “novem” – the Latin word for nine. This, therefore, was positioned as the ninth month in the Roman Calendar, as opposed to its eleventh position in the Gregorian Calendar. 

What is fascinating to notice is the connection of “novem” in Latin with the “navam” of Sanskrit , both meaning nine

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