The Logophilia Public Speaking Programme #Online


WHAT?   The magic of the Logophilia Public Speaking Programme fights back even under lockdown.

WHY?     #BecauseWeCan

WHEN?   Β  Today.
  Β  Time to Be declared on your PSP WhatsApp Group.

HOW?     Β  Google Meet.
     Refer to the How to Set Up section for details.

Online Requirements & Specifications

+ Video Laptop/PC (preferred) | Smart-phone | Tablet
+ Audio Mic-enabled Headphones | Earphones
+ Connection Wifi 8 mbps, and upwards (preferred) | 4 – 8 mbps, (may have a compromise)
+ Interface – Google Meet – Web ( | App – Google Meet (playstore/iOS)

How can you participate?

1 How to Pay?

To find out your programme fee, please check your whatsapp group.
If you don’t have a UPI app (Google Pay, PhonePe, BHIM, etc.) then please contact Logophilia for further help.

2 Check your internet connection and send to us.

Go on to Google and search for “internet speed test”

Click/Tap “Run Speed Test”

Take a screenshot of the result and email to

3 DO’s and DON’Ts

Do’s | What You Should Do to Help enable this PSP

  1. Communicate (Non-Verbal) Make Yes & No Cards
  2. Battery Charge Keep device charger/ power-bank handy
  3. Serial Number paste on your tee shirt half an A4-sheet in landscape mode
  4. ThinkBook Keep your ThinkBook and pens handy
  5. Mute (applicable to those without ear-phones) – mute your audio when you’re not speaking
  6. PSP-Basics Recall your PSP classroom experience & follow the general things we ask you to
  7. Reflect & Share After the Programme, reflect in your ThinkBook about how this PSP session benefitted you, and share a clear picture of your notes.
    If you are shy of sharing your notes, you may choose to share selected points of learning on the WhatsApp group.

Don’t’s | Video Conference Behavioural Standards

  1. Be Late This PSP cannot happen without you being spot-on with punctuality
    • start device set-up 15 minutes before the scheduled time
    • notify your availability on your PSP WhatsApp Group by writing – *Ready & Available* – e.g. Ram Singh *Ready & Available*
  2. Be Disruptive Observe the following (please :/)
    • don’t interrupt when someone else is talking
      What to do: raise your hand if you have a need to share
    • don’t create a ruckus if you can’t hear someone, or lose connection
      What to do:
      • drop a message on the WhatsApp group tagging @Priyanshi
      • leave the meeting
      • rejoin the meeting
  3. Be Passive Wifi PSP won’t feel like PSP if you are scared of talking. So, raise your hand and speak when required.
  4. Be A Photographer – Taking screen-shots is not cool, and is considered invasive
  5. Be Generous – do not share the meeting password with anyone. The Nest is private.
  6. Be Public – seek privacy, inside a noise-free, closed, well-lit space
  7. Be Mobile – don’t move around; sit as you would have in a PSP (nest) classroom
  8. Be Disturbing – your participation is not just through your words, but through your conduct:
    • don’t eat during PSP
    • don’t talk to others during PSP
    • don’t answer phone notifications during PSP
    • don’t hog more attention than is functional during PSP

  • enter your full name
  • enter the email that you check the most
  • enter your WhatsApp number
  • enter your complete address of residence
  • enter full name of your institution
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.