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P eople of India! This is the rarest of rare opportunities because for the first time, and hopefully for the last, we are facing the toughest exam, together. And, that last word – β€œtogether” – is what is going to get us through to the other side.

This is not the first great catastrophe that humanity has ever faced; and if there is one lesson that we can learn from the previous ones, it is the lesson of standing tall together! &, therefore, Logophilia urges you to spread positivity at this time of crisis. While you may not be able to physically be available for service, the least that you can do is to spread to love, strength, and encouragement to strengthen the spirit of the world.

What you can do to spread positivity?

Make this image the DP of every person on the planet who is under lockdown!

We have watched the world stand up for Feminism, Gay Rights, Racial Discrimination, Child Abuse.

Is COVID19 a lesser threat? We need to stay strong because we have an emergency!

1   Download the image in the section below and set it as your DP (Display Picture) on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Snapchat.

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Is the Lockdown stressing you out?
Are you beginning to feel the strain?
Does restlessness creep in sometimes?
Logophilia has prepared something to cheer you up! πŸ–€
2020 Β© Logophilia Education
Credits: Artwork: Priyanshi @pre_yanshi_42
Voice-over: Dhruv @dhruvrajsharma
Lyrics: Dhruv @dhruvrajsharma
Compilation: Pawan @_pawan.singh_
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