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I f you want to become the greatest student you can, you have to discard memorising and replace it with understanding what you read. You CAN’T understand without a rich VOCABULARY. The best way to develop a great vocabulary is by using Etymology to unlock tens of thousands of words without memorising. Logophilia is the only Etymology Education organisation in the world.



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Study Vocabulary to Become the most Powerful Student you can! Subjects are written in books. Books are written in sentences. Sentences are written in words. The study of words is called VOCABULARY, ironically, the only subject they don’t teach in school. Words are not made by linguists. Words were made by people much like you and us. Let’s not be afraid of them. They are very easy to learn. All we need to do is to train in the process of word-formation in general, and roots and affixes in specific. This gives us a fair degree of dictionary-independence, and gets us in a position to stop viewing studies as tasks that need memorisation. Memory is not a process in education, but a result of it. If you like something you shall find it natural to remember it. It is insulting to human cognition when a student devotes time to creating memory through mnemonics and other forms of educational malpractice. Roots are strong carriers of words. There are roots that give out as few as three words; there are those that make a few hundred words. On an average, a root gives out about twenty derivatives. Therefore, if you are serious about learning vocabulary, study roots. In the amount of time that you spend studying a word, you can study twenty words by learning their root. This practice is called Etymology Education: and it comes with so many advantages, it is surprising that schools don’t teach this way. Once students start growing their vocabulary through Etymology Education: 1. they experience a rapid (yet systematic) expansion in their vocabulary; 2. they develop a great ability to understand words, even unfamiliar ones; 3. they develop an effortless ability with word spellings & pronunciation; 4. they develop a good ability to make connections across concepts, and learn deeply; 5. they are likely to save the large amounts of time they used to waste in rote learning; 6. they become more confident students, without the fear of forgetting.


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Logophilia makes you a vocabulary-first student, and Etymology Education makes studies become common sense. You enjoy studying, rather than slaving away!

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