The Hindu: Learning from the root

Have you ever fretted over learning the meanings of English words?
Logophilia comes to the rescue

Students of IIT Madras attending an etymology class

Students of IIT Madras attending an etymology class

As a student of Psycholinguistics, Dhruv Raj Sharma has always been fascinated by the origin and development of languages.
He took a special interest in the English language and started tracing the root from which certain English language words were formed or acquired.
This habit led to the establishment of Logophilia Private Limited in August 2010. Logophilia provides Etymology Education (Etymology is the study of origin of words in a language) to school and college students through simple educational programmes. β€œI designed a pilot test and class with 600 middle school kids and was amazed by the results. It was then that I decided to establish Logophilia,” explains Dhruv Raj Sharma, Founder, Logophilia.
Dhruv and his team teach six commercial programmes to train students in vocabulary.
β€œA basic understanding of words can be covered in four hours in our introduction class. Our full curriculum is designed at just 80 hours for middle-school kids, where they can learn 50,000 – 1,00,000 words,” explains Sharma. Their courses are affordable and priced nominally, with basic classes starting from Rs. 550.
To etymologise is to break-up a word into its constituent parts for logical explanation and hence, when English is learnt logically, all other areas of study can be easily mastered and understood, says Mr. Sharma. Ideally, etymology can be taught from the age of 12-13 years.

Blog posts

Upon taking up their teacher training programme, one can impart this unique form of education to others easily, he says. Along with teaching, team Logophilia publishes blog posts regularly, teaching netizens several new words, and have brought-out seven etymology based books.
Logophilia witnessed rapid growth within three years of its establishment, conducting several special programmes for India’s premier institutes including three IITs, St. Stephens College, Lady Shri Ram College and many more across six States in India and two schools in South Dakota, U.S. Logophilia claims to be the only known English Etymology Education provider in the world.
After their successful National Gala (A word Olympiad) in the last three years, they are hoping to expand it this year into schools. β€œApart from the galas, we are working towards a vocabulary magazine, a first of its kind. It will teach etymology, spelling and pronunciation aspects of words.The idea of launching a trial beta version of our etymology app online is the other major target. It is in its final stages of production. This app was created with six lexicographers and etymologists.”
For all the English language enthusiasts, Logophilia has internship and recruitment offers in over five of its departments this year. β€œOur goal is to expand etymology education in all the 54 English-speaking countries of the world,” says Dhruv as he signs off.


The Hindu- Learning from the Root

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