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Dhruv Raj Sharma

Dhruv Raj Sharma

Founder, & CEO,

Logophilia Education

hruv Raj Sharma (pronounced: [ˈdhrʊv ˈrɑːdʒ ˈʃarmə]; born September 5th, 1983) is an etymology educator, and the founder of Logophilia Education Pvt. Ltd.  He heads Facilitation, Design, and Research at Logophilia.

Dhruv has unique qualification in Psycholinguistics, and in Ancient Classical Latin Vocabulary. His Masters degrees in Applied Psychology and Cognitive Science lend a strong academic rigour to his approach to English Etymology facilitation. On the other hand, his extensive experience in the counselling of adolescents and young adults does wonders to his handling of young learning minds, making him a powerful, yet a very sensitive, facilitator.

Early Life, Education, & Etymology Education Beginnings

Dhruv was born in the Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India, to two professors of English Literature – Prof. Bandana Sharma & Prof. Lakshmi Raj Sharma – on the 5th of September, 1983. He attended the Boys’ High School, Allahabad from standards 1 to 12, wherein he graduated with the Tresham Medal, given to the “Best All-round Achiever” and the Head Boy of the school.

As a 12th-grade student in school Dhruv started to develop a keen interest in noticing differences in students’ enjoyment of school. He noticed that while some loved school and holistically enjoyed participating in school activities, others found formal education to be tedious and punishment-like. Dhruv was very intrigued by these differences of perception and wanted to start a school of his own.

He went on graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Allahabad, where he read Psychology, English Literature, & Political Science. He furthered his education at the Masters level in Psychology at the Delhi University Department of Applied Psychology. Dhruv went on to get admission to the University College London Department of Psychology, and was poised to receive the 2005 Commonwealth Scholarship for Psychology, from India. However, the funds of the Psychology scholarship for 2005 were not carried forward, and Dhruv had to defer his UCL admission to the next year.

In the meanwhile,  Dhruv took to teaching English Vocabulary to aspiring graduate students. He soon realised that teaching hundreds of words was a very challenging task, and required him to upgrade his own vocabulary skills. He took to reading in a big way during this phase and discovered that most of what he was reading was written in Greek & Latin vocabulary. He further discovered that when words are taught through roots (Etymology Education) students do not need to make unnecessary efforts to create a memory of what they learn: it happens automatically, and stays permanently without rehearsal. Dhruv found this to be directly the opposite of the rote learning methods so frequently found in schools. He could transparently see feedback in the eyes of his students.

In 2007, Dhruv Raj Sharma went on to study Cognitive Science at the Centre of Behavioural & Cognitive Sciences, Allahabad where he specialised in Psycholinguistics (the study of how the brain learns, uses, and comprehends language). During this very demanding second Masters degree, Dhruv did not see his passion for teaching Etymology wane. He graduated in 2009, declined a PhD. offer in Germany, and decided to follow his passion.


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Dhruv Speaks about the Logo+philia Gala (2015)

Listen to Dhruv describe how he started Logophilia with less than $150 of his own money; never took a loan; and always warded off investors to allow Logophilia to remain under his acute control in its nascent stages. In this montage, created during the Logo+philia International Gala 2015, Dhruv describes how he successfully created the world’s first university vs. school vocabulary challenge and scaled it to become the first international word-war on-stage anywhere (something that a spelling bee cannot accomplish because of the US-UK disparities in spelling rules).




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