Etymology Education

E tymology Education is a system of education in which students learn the concepts of various academic disciplines from their word origins or roots. Given that words are the most fundamental units of knowledge, a rich understanding of words directly correlates to refined knowledge acquisition ability.

We believe that:

(a)Β Β  words are fundamental to knowledge
(b)Β Β  a student with a weak vocabulary = a weak student
(c)Β Β  a really large number of words can be deciphered usingΒ  a functional understanding of Etymology
(d)Β Β  it is entirely ridiculous that students should have to waste time memorising words or concepts.

So how should words be learnt?

In an engaging TEDx talk, Dhruv Raj Sharma (Founder & CEO, Logophilia Education) answers the question as to why English Β Vocabulary needs to be the most important subject in school curricula, and how inept our schools have become at teaching it.

Cognitive basis

The Logophilia Language Laboratory is designing studies to explore how Etymology Education influences our Cognitive processes. For details, please see click on the Laboratory page .

While we wait for results to come in, here’s a glimpse into our understanding of the matter.
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