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Dhruv Raj Sharma pointing to the concept that Subjects are written in Books, which are written in words

Subjects are written in Books, which are written in words


In One Line → Logophilia has been working, since 2010, to democratise schools around the world, & give all students an equal opportunity to enjoy what they study, instead of memorising for exams.


1. Subjects are written in books; which are written in sentences; which are written in words
2. the study of words is called Vocabulary & terminology, which needs to be taught in schools for competence;
3. teaching Terminology makes students potentially great in all subjects;
4. when students don’t understand books they resort to memorising (which is not studying)
5. Only Etymology Education can truly remove the malpractice of memorisation.

Logophilia Education (estd. 2010) is the first and only Etymology Education organisation in the world. We educate students and teachers through Etymology Education to help them understand, rather than memorise, the English Language.


The Concept

We assert that the most important subject for making students competent is, not Mathematics, but English Vocabulary. Every subject is written in English; every subject (even Mathematics) has its own terminologies. The more words a student knows, the more books she shall feel confident while reading. It is not fair to decide the “aptitude” of a student before enabling a student in Vocabulary. We must know that a student can read effortlessly and confidently before we labelling her as “weak” in a subject. So, in plain terms:

  1. words are the code in which knowledge is written
  2. a student with a weak vocabulary = a weak student
  3. English has (literally) a million non-technical words 
  4. a few hundred roots from Latin & Greek can unlock hundreds of thousands of words
  5. memory is not a process in education, but a result of education (Read more)

What Can You Do With Logophilia?

We work through three main activities:

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